Octoolkit starts at a flat rate of 5$US per month, without coupon reduction.

The equivalent of a cup of specialty coffee per month!

5$/month - 2 weeks free trial

You can try Octoolkit for free, during the first 2 weeks, and cancel without charge during that time if you're not convinced.

What's included

Access to Octoolkit application for:

  • 1 user
  • 1 Tumblr Account
  • All the Tumblr blogs linked to your Tumblr Account


  • Exclusive Chrome extension: shuffle queues and bulk reblog, queue, like and draft from a blog's archive page
  • Delete all blog's posts.
  • 1-click reblog and queue from Octoolkit Dashboard and Search page
  • Filter posts by type
  • PinnedPosts: pin up to 4 posts

Prelaunch Special

50% lifetime discount

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25% lifetime discount

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15% lifetime discount

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10% lifetime discount

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