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3 Main Features

Pinned Posts
Stop loosing posts you want to follow in the constant flow of incoming posts.
Just pin it! Pin up to 4 posts, and you can unpin any of them when you want.

Pinned posts in short:

  • 1-click pin and unpin
  • Pin up to 4 posts
  • See information about the last 50 actions performed on a pinned post
Chrome Extension
Unlock Octoolkit power with this exclusive Chrome Extension, directly from your Tumblr account.

Octoolkit Chrome Extension in short:

  • Bulk queue, post and like from a Tumblr blog's archive page, up to 20 posts at a time
  • Add additional global tags and comment when using a bulk action.
  • Shuffle any of your blog's queue, directly from your queue page.
1-click Actions
From your Octoolkit Dashboard, Recent Posts and Search page

1-click Actions in short:

  • 1-click Reblog to a preselected blog
  • 1-click Queue to a preselected blog
  • Easy repost and queue to another (not preselected) blog, with the Multisteps Action button

Additional features

Filter Posts
Easy filter posts by type.
Grid Display
See more, faster.
Bulk delete
Start from scratch a blog: keep all your followers, remove all existing posts

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