Hi! I'm GlitchCode, I build Octoolkit, and this is my story:

I've been a Tumblr user since... many years. I own and manage a number of tumblr blogs, and although I love Tumblr and the Tumblr community, there are some things, when you start using the platform more heavily, that become just a constant subject of frustration.

My main activity is developer, and although I have a quite intense full-time job + a couple more activities, I still wanted to take care of my blogs, especially after all the time I already injected in building a community around them. But it slowly started to be impossible: too time-consuming, too much pain, close to 0 fun left.
A single example: when you manage several tumblrs, do you know how many clicks you need to queue 1 single post from your dashboard? If you're here, reading this, you probably already know the answer. The answer is 6. SIX. For a single post.

I drastically slowed down my Tumblr activities, but that made me feel sad; so I decided to build myself a few tools, to help me getting back on track. It was a great success, and I'm now able to enjoy interacting with my followers again, and time to time, when I feel like it, create original content again. I'm now free from manual queueing, it has been proven a huge gain of time and energy.

At that point, I took a look at my tools and decided I wanted to go further with them. I wanted to share them, to make other people's life easier, too. I also wanted something not as cold-looking as your usual management tool - which is why the color-scheme is a bit unusual. I personnally like it a lot.

"So", you're asking me, "what can you do with Octoolkit?"

And this is just the beginning.

You may contact me at contact@octoolkit.com.

Are you ready?

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